Fall/Winter 2006 Newsletter (PDF Document)

Silent No More Awareness Gathering in NYC October 4th

10 year Commenmoration of Post-Abortion Counseling Ministry “Project Rachel” in the Rochester area diocese September 18, 2006

Annual Leo Holmsten Human Life Award Dinner September 22, 2006 honors Jan and Barbara Fredericks, MD.

Pro-Life Feminist Purchases Birthplace of Susan B. Anthony

Sad News: Mary Dwelley, President of Feminists for Life of New York, was tragically killed in a car accident on April 11, 2006.

Call for tributes: Remembering Mary Dwelley:
We are asking for people to submit memories of Mary Dwelley to be posted on our website and/or to be used in the newsletter. If you would like to submit a tribute, please e-mail it to info@fflny.org and be sure to identify yourself.


FFLNY Billboard displayed Spring 2006 in Rochester on 490 Eastbound just beyond the Inner Loop.

Feminists for Life of New York has chosen to recognize the contributions of Susan B. Anthony during Women’s History Month. While 100 years have passed since she died on March 13, 1906, Susan B. Anthony’s legacy continues to touch our lives today. Though the 19th Amendment that she struggled for over 50 years to bring to the nation came almost 15 years after her death, her efforts to change society are still being felt today. She fought for the rights of minorities, women of all classes and children, both born and unborn. Feminists for Life of New York is pleased to carry on her legacy of being both pro-woman and pro-life.

Click here to read more about Susan B. Anthony’s pro-woman, pro-life legacy and history.