How Women Can Enjoy Sex?


Many women find it hard to actually climax to have an orgasm. Women have been found to have several different types of orgasm. There is an orgasm that comes from clitoral stimulation, and there is orgasm that can occur from vaginal stimulation. So depending on how the act is performed, how sex is done, a woman can get different types of orgasms and so women are encouraged these days to experiment with themselves, and that’s an important thing to do. If a woman knows her body, she can guide her male counterpart or her female counterpart to give her a better experience, to find out what does arouse her, what does feel better, what may be painful or not feel so good. And that’s another thing we have to consider.

For many women, intercourse can become very painful. It may just be simple that they can’t lubricate well enough, or that’s there’s some other problem and they just trying to bear through pain and not able to enjoy the whole experience.

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So the first thing is communication with your partner and making sure that you have some of these problems at least talked out. There are solutions. The most important factor is firstly being in good health. If you are going to enjoy sex, it is got to be in a healthier state. Not that you can’t enjoy if you are not healthy, but if you are really going to get fulfilment out, if you are really going to enjoy the sexual experience – you have to be healthy.

And health comes from having good sex because it is pretty fair exercise. If you are having sex and you are active, you are burning calories, it is a good form of exercise, it is aerobic. You are moving around; it is flexibility, there are even some strength moves. So sex can be in a sense an exercise.


And in addition to that it is mentally good for you, it helps you to bond with someone, it is something that is going to stimulate a lot of benefits in your body as far as physical changes in neurotransmitters and a lot of good comes from it. So you want to live a healthier life, it makes a difference and how much you and enjoy the sexual experience if you are in good shape.

But just think about this. Do you want to have sex with somebody who’s not healthy? It is not sexy when somebody is hacking and coughing, and barely breathing, and not able to move and complaining and on and on.